Sportsman Lounger

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The Sportsman Lounger is a versatile, comfortable, ground stand. It only weighs 7 lbs. The Sportsman Lounger Carry Straps allow you to place it on your back just like a backpack and keep your hands free.

The Sportsman Lounger is very simple to use: 

  1. Take the Sportsman Lounger off your back
  2. Take cinch strap off
  3. Unfold the Sportsman Lounger
  4. Prop the lounger against the tree
  5. Hook the cinch strap around the tree onto the tree cleats, and cinch it tight to tree.
  6. Sit down in comfort.

This lounger is great for deer, turkey, elk, squirrel, duck, and predator hunting. It is also great for camping, fishing, or just relaxing.

The Sportsman Lounger can be set up in less than one minute. Please be sure to watch the demo video.

Accessories for the Sportsman Lounger: Chill Pad, Tree Nest, Arm Rail Pads, Pillow, Steep Angle Pad, Universal Gun Holders, Sportsman Lounger Shooting Rail