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Maximum Weight: 300 lbs

If you are looking for a portable climbing tree stand then the Tree Lounger is made just for you. We are proud to say that it is made here in the USA and made with pride. The Tree Lounger is superior in comfort over other tree stands. The frame is made from aluminum with the stand and foot climber it only weighs 25 lbs. The seat is made from trampoline material which allows the seat to conform to your back allowing you to hunt from dawn to dusk. With the Tree Lounger you are safely nestled between two side safety rails when climbing and in hunting position making it virtually impossible to fall out of the stand. The Tree Lounger compacts into a flat compact unit which is easy to carry like a back pack. There is nothing hanging out from the Tree Lounger to grab limbs or vines when carrying. The Tree Lounger grips the tree like no other tree stand. The large front cleats grip the tree like a vise keeping you safe while climbing and in hunting position. The Tree Lounger uses the sit down stand up method of climbing. The unique design of the Tree Lounger allows you to climb high without becoming too tilted. This allows you to get higher, and out of the deer scent and sight range. With the Tree Lounger you have a 360 degree shooting range, and any position you shoot you have a rest aim. Our deer stands can climb trees between 8" to 20" in diameter.

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