Tree Lounger Wheels

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All of the hardware is included and the wheels are sold per set. Easy to assemble. Attach a wheel bracket on each siderail by using (2) bolts with wing nuts. Place wheel onto axle and attach the hitch to axle. These work great with the Tree Lounger.

By attaching the Tree Lounger wheels to your Tree Lounger tree stand, it converts your Tree Lounger into a carry cart. The Tree Lounger wheel kit comes with the wheels and all hardware to convert into a cart. It's great if you harvest a deer; just place the deer into the seat area of the Tree Lounger and roll your harvested deer out of the woods. Much easier than trying to drag your deer out. Excellent if you are backpacking long distances into the woods; just place your gear into the seat area of the Tree Lounger and roll away.

WARNING! Never climb with wheels attached to the Tree Lounger.

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